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Sticky Pod Suction Cup Performance Guarantee

Sticky Pod suction cups were created because of the poor performance and functionality of current suction cups on the market. To this day, the competition has yet to build a suction cup, or vacuum cup, that even comes close to the strength and endurance the Sticky Pod suction cups deliver every day. Sticky Pod suction cups are used across many industries and that’s why we offer free shipping for larger orders.  If you order more than $130 dollars in suction cups, you get free standard shipping.  Thousands of these suction cups are sold for applications ranging from heavy construction equipment to hanging enormous commissioned artwork for display.  So if you need a strong, heavy duty suction cup to replace an existing suction cup or a powerful, high strength suction cup for a new product, place your trust in a performance guaranteed Sticky Pod suction cup.

Imagine you’re trying to grade a highway or the new Walmart using heavy construction equipment, and the cheap plastic suction cup mount you got stuck with, keeps falling off.  If you’re using the suction cup mounting solution provided with your GPS, then you’re going to have problems.  How’s your driver supposed to use the GPS, when it’s lying on the floor of the cab?  Sticky Pod suction cups can change everything about your daily production and make you money.  The Sticky Pod suction cups are so good, we provide you a performance guarantee.  Sticky Pod guarantees our suction cups will last 100Xs (times) longer than any competitor, or your money back.  Bottom line, our suction cups will perform and if you don’t like them, we want you to have your money back.  Click the suction cup to buy now or view all our products.

Now do you see why Sticky Pod suction cups are the best suction cup on the market?  No other suction cup on the market has a money back guarantee tied to a performance guarantee.

Sticky Pod Suction Cup Examples

Sticky Pod suction cups are used for a wide variety of reasons, here’s just a few:

Sticky Pod suction cups can and will take the pounding surf of the ocean waves!Sticky Pod suction cup hangin ten in California.

Sticky Pod suction cups are guaranteed to work on your heavy equipment.Sticky Pod suction cup on a kayak in Colorado.

Sticky Pod suction cups hold a camera that more expensive than the truck itself!Sticky Pod suction cups will handle any speed you can throw at them.

As proof the Sticky Pod suction cups can stand up to anything you can throw at them, take a look at these examples:

  • When you’re on a kayak in the middle of a lake or river, your suction cup mounting solution had better hold up or you can forget about ever seeing your camera again.  When the camera’s mounted out of your reach, you must have complete faith in your suction cups.
  • In the second picture, we see a camera mounted to the side of a truck using Sticky Pod suction cup mounts.  The camera rig in this shot is more expensive than the truck itself!  Why would any video production crew trust their equipment on the side of a moving vehicle if they didn’t have confidence in the suction cups holding their rig?  This setup is used to make Bridgestone tire commercials.  Yes, the very same commercials you see on TV!
  • Then there’s Jack Davis on his surfboard.  When a 10 foot wave is slamming into your suction cup, you don’t have any choices for this extreme environment.  You either bought the right suction cup mount or you lost your camera.  As you can tell in Jack’s pictures, he bought the right suction cups. Suction cup performance is what the Sticky Pods are all about.  The purpose of this web page is to show you the performance capabilities of the Sticky Pod suction cups.  How better to exemplify this than to show you a customer’s proud example on the hood of their Porsche!
  • In this last example, you can see the suction cups on the side of a full size 18 wheeler.  What you don’t see, is this video production took place between 9,000 and 11,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies! Even intense sun and altitude, combined with the thunderous vibrations from the Caterpillar diesel engine, have no effect on the Sticky Pod suction cups.

A brief history of the powerful Sticky Pod suction cups and how they came to become a Sticky Pod suction cup for our car camera mounts.

Sticky Pod camera mounts rely on highly refined heavy duty, industrial suction cups that can withstand the harsh environment caused by the forces placed on it during high speed driving. Unlike most other car camera mounts, the Sticky Pod uses suction cups and not vacuum cups. The principle behind how they work is the same, but their function is entirely different:

Principles of a Vacuum

Suction cups and vacuum cups both operate on the same principle. When a lack of air pressure (vacuum) is present between a smooth non-porous surface and the mounted side of a suction cup or vacuum cup, the higher atmospheric pressure outside of the cup enables the suction or vacuum cup to maintain it’s grip. The lower the pressure under the suction cup means the greater the force it takes to remove it from it’s mounted surface. It’s amazing how a difference in air pressure can create such a powerful holding force. Then again, think about what happens when you dive under water. After you travel only 4 or 5 feet below the water’s surface, you feel a tremendous amount of pressure on your ear drums. It’s this same pressure above water that makes a suction cup work as well as it does. When you look at this mathematically, you get some very impressive results. Normal atmospheric pressure at sea level is 15 pounds per square inch. That means that every square inch of your body is subjected to 15 pounds of pressure against it. If you remove 13 pounds per square inch of pressure from the underside of a suction or vacuum cup (leaving only 2 pounds per square inch), then you’re creating 13 pounds per square inch of force against the topside surface area. Combine this pressure differential with a heavy duty industrial, powerful and flexible, material and you will have one very tough suction cup. The Sticky Pod suction cups consist of 7.75 square inches of surface area, combined with a very tough industrial material and 13 pounds per square inch pushing against this surface brings the total holding force per suction cup to 100.75 pounds at sea level! We use up to 11 suction cups for some of our mounts with the option to add another 12 to your configuration. When you add all this up, you can see why a Sticky Pod suction cups works so well.

Suction Cups

Suction cups provide a means of attaching just about anything to a smooth, non-porous surface without any mechanical intervention. A suction cup has the ability to squeeze out most or all of the air from the underside between itself and it’s mated surface. This is accomplished by simply applying pressure to the center of the topside of the suction cup as it sits on the surface you intend to mate it to. This is a very quick and effortless process. You don’t need to be strong or have any special training. Just be sure the suction cup is clean and the mounting surface is clean. When the suction cup is smooth, clean and well built and your surface is smooth, clean and non-porous, a suction cup can stay in place indefinitely. The key is to make sure no air can get between the mounting surface and the suction cup. To achieve a smooth suction cup surface, the suction cup must be made from the right materials. This is key for maintaining a high degree of durability. Also, since Sticky Pod suction cups are flexible, they can be mounted to any curved or flat surface.

Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups are very different from suction cups, even though they perform a similar function. Vacuum cups are designed to pickup flat objects only. For example, a piece of paper or a sheet of glass, metal or plastic. Vacuum cups require a mechanical intervention by the user to remove the air pressure from their underside. An example of these are the pumps that can be
seen on the side of vacuum cups. Since the air must be removed from under the vacuum cup, the cup must be preshaped to fit the surface it’s being mated to. So if you want to lift flat glass, then the vacuum cup must have a flat seal to grip the glass. The material surface must be non-porous, just like suction cups, but the vacuum cup must match the shape of the object on which it is to be mounted. Since most vacuum cups are designed for a flat surface only, this is why they will never work well on the outside of a car or any other vehicle with a curved surface. Simply because almost all vacuum cups are designed for flat surfaces and not the curved surfaces of a car, your holding power and duration will be dramatically reduced. Any vacuum cup designed for a car would have to be designed for a very specific curved surface. Also, because the vacuum cup uses a pump to create the vacuum, it must be constructed of harder, less flexible materials. This severely limits the vacuum cups capabilities by limiting the number of mounting surfaces.


A great discovery, made by the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry in 2010, clearly demonstrates how the Sticky Pod suction cups are putting more money in the pockets of their owners. They discovered that Sticky Pod suction cups will hold their unique tools to the side of any vehicle for an entire day! That is, once they attach a Sticky Pod suction cup, they never have to touch it again until they’re ready for their next customer. In short, the PDR industry has come to realize that vacuum cups (their traditional tool of choice) are not designed for strength or
endurance on any vehicle. They have also discovered that not all suction cups are built the same. High strength, industrial suction cups are not designed, and will never endure as long as a Sticky Pod suction cup. Why? One word, “Sales”. The Sticky Pod suction cups have been selling since May 2003, in that time, only one customer has ever returned their suction cups. This is impressive when you consider that the Sticky Pod suction cups come with an unconditional money back guarantee tied to a performance guarantee, and that includes a full shipping refund.

History of Suction and Vacuum Cups

The first cups to use a vacuum would be classified as vacuum cups by today’s definition. In 1663, Otto van Guericke created two massive vacuum cups made out of copper and mated them together by pumping out the air on the inside of the two halves. He then attached two teams of horses, eight on each side, and they tried to pull the two halves apart. To the shock of all the
towns people, the horses failed. Then Otto simply opened a relief valve and the two halves fell apart.

The modern day suction cup, not vacuum cup, as we know it, was invented by J.W. Greene in 1889. Any guesses what he did with them? Of course, these devices were invented to enlarge women’s breasts! Sounds like a bad spam email, I know, but that’s what he did with them.

I hope this helps you understand the difference between suction cups and vacuum cups. It’s important for you to understand why a Sticky Pod works so well. To buy your Sticky Pod suction cups, just

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