I thought you might like to see some pics and footage from my first shoot with the Stickypod. We were in Houghton, MI where the snow fall this year is around 180 inches. The temperatures while we were there were between 10 and 20 degrees. The shoot was for a tire manufacturer and we were looking for hi-def shots of the tires moving through snow in slow motion. I used the Red One and the Stickypod Director. I needed a little extra support so I added a maffer clamp and c-arm to the rig. I have since purchased more parts so I won’t need to use the c-arm in the future.
We also rigged a miniDV camera in the cab for 2 other angles. Everyone on the shoot was impressed with the ease and stability of the rig so we will be using it again in South Carolina for more tire testing on wet pavement. Wish us luck!

Rick Amundson
Screenscape Studios
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Sticky Pod Director mounted to the bed of chevy truck making a Bridgestone tire commercial in the winter time. Sticky Pod Director mounted to a pickup truck with a RED ONE for a Bridgestone tire commercial. Sticky Pod Director professional car camera mount. The only 5 star rated car camera mount on the market.