As video enthusiasts, we clearly have a desire to create custom car camera mounts, and Sticky Pod components have been the primary choice for years.  We’ve been one of the pioneers of supplying the components you need for your open-source projects.  Often, and I know this from personal experience, you need a custom camera mount set-up.  The Sticky Pod is the erector set of car camera mounts.  As you’ll discover, our suction cups are the strongest on the market.  After all, we have a three year warranty on them, and we rarely have anyone return them.  The suction cups are where your camera mount can start, but doesn’t have to.

Many times you just need solid components for strength or stability.  We see a lot of custom set-ups using Sticky Pod components.  These configurations are only limited by your imagination and require no expensive CNC customizing work.  A good source for a large variety of custom materials at a reasonable price is  Here you’ll find metal component parts like square tubing, solid bar stock (both square and round), sheet metal of all sizes, and a wide variety of metal compositions.  They have small pieces already cut, or they’ll custom-cut anything you need for just a few dollars. You need a 45 degree angled cut on the ends of your solid aluminum bar stock?  They’ll make that happen for you. They’re a great company with fast service and an easy website to navigate.

So whether you need to mount a camera to your Arduino Quadcopter, or build a custom mount for your motorcycle, you want to start with the high quality Sticky Pod components.

If you have questions, please post them below because most likely others have tried to build something similar.  As an inventor with multiple patents to my name, I love to build stuff.  I have a small workshop where I prototype stuff myself and let’s face it, that’s how the Sticky Pod was born.