Clean Suction Cups

When you want strength, stability and endurance, cleaning your Sticky Pod suction cups is a must.  It’s very easy and takes little time.  Just place your suction cups in a sink of hot (tap) water, and use a wash cloth and some soap.  Simply wipe the suction cups with your wash cloth and soap, rinse and dry.  Once all the dust, oils, sand and grit have been removed, your Sticky Pods will stick like you bolted them to your car.  You can place the entire Sticky Pod base, with suction cups attached, into the sink.  Water will not harm your Sticky Pod base.

When applying a dry Sticky Pod suction cup to your car, window, kayak, boat or any smooth non-porous surface, you can expect your Sticky Pods to stay in place for several months (you read that right).  Of course, always be sure to apply your Sticky Pods to a smooth, clean, and dry surface.

The process above needs to be repeated on a regular basis or any time your suction cups get dirty or they lose their grip in a short period of time.  Please take a wash cloth and some water into the field with you if you’re applying and removing them for a video shoot or short duration video clips.

Please let us know what we can do for you.

Tom Heibel
Sticky Pod