The good people at B&H Photo gave us a mention as one of their many camera support solutions.  What I took from the article is the amount you can spend for a camera mount that can only fulfill one role in your video productions.  You’ll see hand held supports, shoulder supports, stabilizers and other car camera mounts that perform only one function and cost far more than a Sticky Pod Director.  Fortunately, when you see the prices for these specialty products you’ll realize why the Sticky Pod is the dominate choice among professionals and amateurs alike.

While the Sticky Pod Director is marketed as a professional car camera mount (using suction cups), it is also a shoulder mount, hand-held customizable mount, steadycam camera stabilizer and accessory platform.  The Sticky Pod bases are the most powerful suction cup platform on the market, but the Director kit can also be hard-mounted by simply bolting it to your vehicle platform.  When you discover your new Sticky Pod is compatible with your existing video equipment, and you can mount a camera (including lights, mics and more) to your car, take a few components from the same kit and build a hand-held shoulder mount, then configure for a steadycam camera stabilizer, all inside 15 minutes, then you know you bought the right equipment.

This is a great article that highlights some of the best available on the market today.  Please review it, compare, and then place a Sticky Pod Director in your shopping cart.  If you have any questions, please call me directly.  I am the inventor of the Sticky Pod Director.  I designed it, I manufacture it and I can answer any questions you may have.  Tom Heibel: 423-342-6300

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