The good people over at SPARTMEDIA gave us an inside look at all the equipment, Sticky Pod Director included, for a long distance charity bike ride.

This mini online documentary shows behind the scenes of the filming for Student Adventures 2011 London to Paris (L2P) charity bike ride. The final footage was used in the online promotional movie which we produced for them.
The kit shown includes:
•    Canon 5D with genus, Jag35 and Zacuto rigs – for stable DSLR based filming.
•    Sennheiser Shotgun mics – for pro audio sound quality.
•    Sticky Pod Director Pro Vehicle Mount – for action shots of vehicles and cyclists.
•    Marantz PDM 661 Audio Recorder – for field audio recording.
•    Canon XH A1 camera – no hard drive = no jumping!

Sticky Pod Director – Behind the Scenes