Now this is a camera system!  In the near future, I can see where this will grab a big chunk of the video market.  Especially if you’re creating documentaries or producing news media.  Combine this with the limitless apps available for the iPad, and this setup will produce more video, edited and packaged, in less time than it takes to find the story.

Take a look at the tripod mount, and now imagine this on your Sticky Pod.  Both systems use the same mount, only the Sticky Pod gets you that great video from your vehicle.  You would also be able to attach Sticky Pod components such as Extensions and Knuckles to any side of the Padcaster.  What I found most appealing is Padcaster is using standard mounting components, just like the Sticky Pod, so it will easily integrate into your current Sticky Pod and all your video gear, even if you’re not using the iPad with it.

Padcaster Turns Your New iPad Into a Complete Video Production Rig | Gadget Lab |