Sticky Pods Love Waterproof Housings

Have you ever wanted to buy a product with over 50 years of sales and research behind it?  Who doesn’t?  I would highly recommend the product line by Jim Bailey and  Just like the Sticky Pod, Water Housings product is designed for more than just a single make and model of camera.  Jim’s products work with any camera.  Like he says, “No matter what your camera, I can make a housing for it.”  Waterproof housings are NOT a cookie cutter solution.  They always take a custom solution that offers more than just a way to mount your camera to your boat, kayak, surfboard or submarine.

So why am I recommending, because they have waterproof housing solutions, not guesses.  They’re professional, not just a fly-by-night company.  They have great prices and 50 years of experience!  Take a look at Jim’s website and you’ll see he uses the Sticky Pod’s to enhance his products.

Great people earn your business, and Jim Bailey has the solutions for you.