Sticky Pod Car Camera Mounts?  Is that all?

I get this question asked of me many times, why do people like the Sticky Pod?  After all, it’s just a flat aluminum plate with a few suction cups attached.  Well, it all starts with the sturdy construction of the Sticky Pod.  When you open the package, the first thing people notice is how sturdy it is, then they see how simple it is.  There’s only three basic parts to a Sticky Pod, the base, the extensions and the knuckles.  This simplicity makes the Sticky Pod very intuitive and easy to setup right out of the box.  After you wash your suction cups and apply the base for the first time, that’s when the number one question of all time pops into your head, “How do I get this thing off?”  At first, it seems a little difficult, but once you realize that you only need to roll up the edge of the suction cups to release the vacuum seal, Sticky Pods are easy to move around.  After you try your Sticky Pod on some part of your car, it’s common practice to give it a pull to see how strong it is, then it becomes more like a tug-of-war to see if you “can” break it loose.  Soon you realize that you’re not going to get this thing off with brute force.  That’s when your confidence kicks in.  Now that you understand how powerful a Sticky Pod is, next you want to test the endurance.  Believe me, everyone tests the Sticky Pod, just Google “Sticky Pod Test” in quotes and you’ll see what I mean.  When the first page of Google is nothing but customers testing their Sticky Pods for the first time, you’ll discover that they all did a darn good job.

Now that your Sticky Pod is unpacked, cleaned and tested, you suddenly have a boost of inspiration.  This is where another characteristic of the Sticky Pod comes shining forth and inspiration takes over.  It works with all your existing camera gear!!!  Finally!  Someone gets it!  The aluminum base plate is customizable, the extensions are solid aluminum and just under 1 inch in diameter, the screw mounts are all industry standard threads.  Now you can attach multiple cameras, microphones, lights, clamps and adapters.  It’s all the gear you have in your bag already!  But wait!  There’s more!  (Billy Mays has taken over from here) You can use the Sticky Pod components (knuckles and extensions) to configure hand held grips for your camera, hard mount a camera directly to your car, truck, kayak, airplane, a brick wall or anything at all.  Build a steady camera stabilizer, a shoulder mount, a steering wheel grip, a multi-camera platform with lights and mics.  Use the base to hold a reflecting board, add a camera every place a suction cup is attached, since you can’t forcibly remove the base, use it as an anchor point.  Now your video shoots just fall into place instead of struggling with specialized equipment that can only solve one problem.  Cut your personnel costs, equipment costs, rental costs and time costs.  All you do is think of it, and the Sticky Pod fulfills it.

Now you see why thousands of Sticky Pods have been sold.  Customers that bought their Sticky Pods nearly 10 years ago, are still using them today.  I wish I could say that for just about anything I’ve ever bought.  If you told me all I had to do was buy the right equipment and it would save me thousands of dollars, I would have gladly spent the money.  If you told me that most of my video equipment would be dead 2 or 3 years after I bought it, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it.  Truth is, the Sticky Pod is about the only thing in my camera bag that survives year-after-year.

To all my customers, thank you for your support!  To the thousands of new customers, please come enjoy the freedom you didn’t know existed.

Like I’ve said from day one, “Anyone can buy a camera … it’s what you do with it that counts.”