DSLR Comparison 2012 by Sticky Pod

DSLRs have experienced remarkable improvements in capture quality, with sensor resolution now up to 36 megapixels MP in some of the latest flagship models. The DSLR models listed here can shoot video in HD – either 720 or 1080, and some in the highest 1080/60p mode.  As an avid videographer/photographer, I always enjoy seeing the new digital single lens reflex (DSLR) models.  Of course, getting a feel for what’s new and in my case, what I find to be the best, is always confusing and difficult to organize in my head.  This year, I have to go with the Nikon D800 for it’s full-frame (FX) format and it’s whopping 36MP CMOS sensor!  At a solid 14MP over the Canon 5D Mark III, it’s hard to turn away from this very impressive camera.  Of course, not all of this is necessary if you’re only making web videos, but still want impressive results.  That’s where the PDF comparison guide makes organizing all the numbers and features a breeze.

Of course, none of this could be possible without the hard work from the good people at VideoMaker magazine.  VideoMaker is one of my must have RSS feeds and newsletter subscriptions.  They have a huge database of archived and current information on anything photography or video related.  VideoMaker is a resource that’s hard to live without if you’re an avid or professional camera man.

One of their recent articles highlights the latest DSLRs and in their usual clear and concise manner, makes it easy to pick a winner.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to read in-depth articles about a particular camera, I just don’t want in-depth articles on every camera.  I suspect you’re the same way.  So what’s a good recommendation for a Sticky Pod car camera mount to mate with these DSLRs?

The Sticky Pod Director is always your best choice, but certainly not your only choice.  The heaviest camera in this year’s list weighs in at just over 2 pounds.  No big deal for a Sticky Pod, but as a professional, you want the best results and that’s where the Director delivers.  The Sticky Pod ProPak and Original are also excellent choices for any of these cameras.  Whether you want an internal or external POV, such as a dashboard or hostess tray mount, these smaller Sticky Pods have the capabilities, strength and endurance to provide the confidence you need, for a high performance professional look.  I would highly recommend using a Manfrotto 577 video quick release plate for maximum stabilization of your camera on these smaller Sticky Pods.  Why?  Because the bottom of these cameras are not hard, rigid steel.  Yes they have lightweight magnesium bodies, but that doesn’t make them bullet proof.  The Manfrotto 577 will hold the entire bottom of these cameras, while simultaneously providing a rock solid mount to your Sticky Pod.

DSLRs and Interchangeable Lens/Mirrorless Digital Cameras Buyer’s Guide.