Sticky Pod Dash Cam Instructions

Once you get your Sticky Pod Dash Cam, you will soon realize that it’s a very simple device that takes very little effort to re-configure for your custom car camera dashboard mount.  It all starts with the fact that each suction cup is simply screwed to the base of the Sticky Pod.  Just unscrew the suction cup and now you can re-configure that spot for mounting anything you want.  Re-install the suction cup with the stainless steel screw (provided) and now you have a mounting point for any Sticky Pod component, or anything else for that matter.  Just click on any image to enlarge it.  Here’s how it looks:

First, set your Sticky Pod base on your dash so you have an idea where you want your camera, and rotate the base so that all three suction cups are resting on the dashboard.  No worries if they don’t all fit, it’s not necessary to have them all fit.  The picture on the right is the end result we’re seeking, so let’s get into each step.


Second, simply unscrew any suction cup from the base.  The suction cups are held on with a carriage bolt.  That’s the round, zinc plated head you see over the suction cup.  It’s just a screw, so simply unscrew the suction cup so it looks like the image on the left.



Third, we need to find the stainless steel screw that has no head on it.  It’s included with every Sticky Pod model and comes with select Sticky Pod components.  It’s official title is a “set screw”.  It’s important to know this because if you ever need to replace it, you can find them at your local hardware store and they’re only a few cents.  These set screws are 1 inch in length and have a 1/4 inch diameter.  Their official dimensions are 1/4-20 X 1 inch.  I use stainless steel for it’s durability, but if you’re replacing a lost set screw, almost anything, except plastic, will do.  The image to the right shows the little set screw you need.


Fourth, simply turn the set screw into the suction cup until only half of the screw is showing.  This can be done by hand, just finger tighten it into place so it looks like the image to the left.




Now that your set screw is twisted into the suction cup, the fifth step is to simply re-mount the suction cup to the base by inserting the exposed screw through the square hole in the Sticky Pod base.  While this seems like a lengthy process, it only takes a few seconds.



In the sixth step, you decide what you want to mount to the Sticky Pod base using your re-configured suction cup.  At this point, you can mount a Sticky Pod Extension (included), a Sticky Pod Knuckle (included) or you can mount your camera to this spot.  To do so is easy, you’ll notice in the previous image on the right, you now have two mounting points.  One will be for the suction cup that attaches to your windshield, the other is for your camera.  It doesn’t matter which one you use, just twist on the Sticky Pod component to either mounting point, then attach your camera to the other mounting point, and go.

Finally, you have a couple options for mounting the Sticky Pod components.  You can either attach a Knuckle first, or an Extension first.  It just depends on the vehicle you’re driving, the angle of the windshield and how much room you have.  So when you’re done, your choices will look like this …




Notice that in both of the above configurations, the camera plate has been removed from the Knuckle to allow the Extension or Suction Cup to be screwed into place.  The camera plate is that small round plate screwed to the top of the Knuckle.  Just unscrew it and set it aside.  Please do not throw it away because this is not a part that can be bought separately.



Sticky Pod Dash Cam holding two cameras on a single base to the dashboard. Getting video from multiple angles couldn't be easier - keep in mind that even though you have one camera attached to your Sticky Pod base, every Sticky Pod base can hold multiple cameras.  Just unscrew the suction cup, insert the set screw and now you have an additional mounting point for secondary cameras and other accessories.

Once you have the basics of using a Sticky Pod Dash Cam down, you can apply these techniques to any Sticky Pod model.  For example, the Sticky Pod ProPak can be used as a dashboard camera mount and so can a Sticky Pod Director.  Just use the components of the Director to achieve literally any car camera mount configuration you can imagine.

Now that your dash cam is in place, please keep in mind that your mounting choices are not limited by the setup above.  The Dash Cam model can also be mounted directly to the windshield with the camera looking through the glass, at the driver or passenger, or all three.  Add an extra Knuckle to your configuration to direct multiple cameras for a fast and efficient video production or surveillance.  The Sticky Pod Dash Cam is a very open-source style system that will enhance your abilities, and make your efforts more productive and profitable.

Please let us know what we can do for you.

Thank you.