The Sticky Pod car camera mount is a very durable product that’s built to last.  It’s one of the few products you’ll buy today and still be using 10 years from now.  How do we know?  Because after nearly 10 years in business, that’s precisely what’s happened.  Your new Sticky Pod has a tremendous amount of features for being such a simple product.  Please take the time to read our “How To” blog posts for a complete understanding of the many configurations available to you.

For starters, you must wash your suction cups in hot tap water and soap for them to work properly.  Please allow them to dry before applying.  While they can be wet when you attach them, for example, when mounting to a kayak or surfboard, they work best when they’re dry.  Cleaning is required to make them work properly.  If you apply your Sticky Pod and simply leave it in place, you do not need to take it down and clean it.  For example, after you remove it from a 6 month application, you will want to clean it before re-applying.

Now that your suction cups are clean and dry, please be sure to apply them to a clean, smooth, non-porous surface.  The Sticky Pods work just as well on curved painted metal, like that of a car, as they do on ordinary flat glass.  All you need to be sure of, is that your suction cups are clean and the mounting surface is clean.

After you clean the suction cups and the mounting surface, a question may arise that most people ask … how do I remove the Sticky Pod?  Yes, it’s that strong!  While all you need to do is roll up the edge of the suction cup with your finger, some of you may find it easier to use the corner of a credit card or other plastic card.  Please do not use a pocket knife or any other sharp edge.  The outer edge of the suction cups must be undamaged to maintain their enduring grip.

It’s really that easy to use a Sticky Pod.  I recommend taking a wash cloth and a bottle of water with you in the field in case your suction cups get dirty during your video shoot.  And for those of you that have never used any suction devices, whether it be a suction cup or a vacuum cup, cleaning is required of them all, failing to do so will produce catastrophic failures.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this and enjoy your new Sticky Pod!