Simple and Effective Video Productions = Big Profits

The Sticky Pod simplicity and ubiquitous compatibility with your existing camera and other support gear, makes a Sticky Pod the best “open source” versatile platform for your camera bag.  Unlike proprietary camera systems that allow for very specific applications, and nothing more, the Sticky Pod shatters the mold on this planned obsolescence.  When you want to move your camera from a rock solid car mount to a hand-held close up, you don’t need to buy two different types of camera mounting equipment.  The Sticky Pod Director will champion the largest 35MM film cameras on any car and then break down so you can use your high end digital cameras for your close-ups.  Maybe you just want an extra handle attached to the bottom of the camera, maybe you need a camera stabilizer for a 10 second POV, anything you can imagine, the Sticky Pod can put together.  What about all those accessories you have on a professional shoot?  How do you clamp a microphone to the Sticky Pod?  Just pull out one of your existing clamps, like a Manfrotto 386B Nano Clamp and clamp it on.  No worries at all because the solid metal Extension rods with their 7/8 inch (22mm) diameter are the perfect size for a variety of clamps.  Solid metal Extensions means no breaking, no wearing, no bending and the 1/4-20″ threaded female holes on each end (one end has a removable stud, but comes to you as a male end) enable you to screw them directly into your various accessories.  Screw the Extensions or Knuckles into your clamps, baby pins, lights, microphones, reflecting boards, drive storage, video quick release plates, and of course, other Sticky Pod components.  It doesn’t need to be stated that this will save you money, but it also can’t be stated enough, that the Sticky Pod will make you highly effective, productive and profitable.

What if you’re not a professional?  Maybe you just want the best dashboard camera?  The Sticky Pod really shines forth for you to take charge.  First off, proprietary “action” cameras are very simple and effective for a particular setup, such as a helmet camera, however, the Sticky Pod allows you to use much higher quality cameras in all the same places.  If you decide one day that a video of your drive to work would look better from the outside of your car, then take your Sticky Pod Dash Cam off your dash and put it on the roof, door, hood or trunk of your vehicle.  Nothing more to buy, and you get a very cool perspective of your drive.  How about that helmet cam?  You know, those cool shots from a dirt bike or high speed racing bike.  Many of these shots are achieved with specialized cameras that are strapped to the helmet, then held in place with double stick tape.  Well you don’t need a special camera, strap and helmet to achieve any of this.  You could always start out by simply attaching your camera with a piece of double stick tape.  If that’s not good enough, then bolt a Sticky Pod Knuckle or a Knuckle and Extension to your helmet.  Years ago in the mountains of Colorado, I used to ride around with a single suction cup and a camera stuck to my helmet.  No Knuckle, no Extension, just attached a suction cup to the mounting socket on the bottom of the camera and took off.  I ran my goggle strap through the camera hand strap and that was it.  You will have all this with any Sticky Pod model.  Just unscrew the suction cup from the base, or use the extra one that came with your Sticky Pod Dash Cam.  Once again, no big deal, you have everything you need with one purchase.