Sticky Pod Suction Cup Car Camera Mount Comparison

Sticky Pods

  • Must clean suction cup and mating surface.

Other Mounts

  • Must clean vacuum cup and mating surface.

The first step above is the only commonality between
Sticky Pods and all other vacuum cup mounts.

Sticky Pod Suction Cups
  • Never need to pump the air out of a Sticky Pod, just push it into place.  No moving parts.
  • Strong conforming suction cup walls allow the Sticky Pod to securely fit to any curved or flat surface on any vehicle or
    non-porous surface.
  • The material composition is formulated to withstand everyday use around vehicles and any outdoor environment.  Sticky Pods are resistant to all oils, sunlight and water (including sea salt).  My suction cups can and are used under water.  You do not need air to make them stick.  Just push them into place under water, just like you would on your car.
  • Functional temperature range: -40F to +350F Will hold your camera securely in place for several days in temps below 0 degrees
  • Durability – in multiple tests at various times of the year, Sticky Pods have and will endure for more than 2 months with a 12
    inch extension, Manfrotto 577 and an average consumer video camera mounted to it.  Strength and endurance tests are performed at all times throughout the year to ensure suction cups meet stringent manufacturing standards.
  • Safety and Security – all models are equipped with multiple suction cups to provide a minimum of twice the suction strength
    over any vacuum cup.  Multiple suction cups provide redundancy against failure from misuse.  The likelihood that all suction cups will fail simultaneously is nearly impossible.  All Sticky Pod models come with a safety tether for extra security.
Vacuum Cups – All
  • Must pump the air out of the cup to make it stick. Contains moving mechanical devices that can break down and will wear out
    over time.
  • Rigid walls that cannot bend to curved surfaces. Designed for flat surfaces only.  Guaranteed to damage the paint on any carbon fiber surface.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you, that’s what they do.
  • Use a very standard black hard rubber that breaks down over a short time when exposed to any oil and sunlight.  The oil will break down the rubber and the sunlight will dry it out and crack it.  Cannot be used in water and cannot be applied under water.  The mechanical components will not allow these cups to be used under water.
  • Functional temperature range: +32F to +220F Cannot stick to any curved surface when below freezing.  Guaranteed to fall off in colder temps.
  • Durability – in multiple tests, using at least 4 different vacuum cups, endurance has never lasted more than 6 hours on a flat
    surface (this is what they were designed for) and never longer than 3 hours on the curved surface of any car.
  • Safety and Security – in a word “NONE”.  Once the vacuum cup lets loose, and it will, you get to watch your camera bounce down the road in your rearview mirror.  They never provide a safety tether.

Sticky Pod Director
  • A minimum of 11 suction cups holding your camera with solid aluminum extensions.  The safety straps are there to protect the camera and personnel in the event of an accident.
  • Solid aluminum extensions to handle the weight of the largest cameras on the market.
  • Directors can be upgraded without having to buy thousands of dollars in additional equipment or an entirely new setup.
  • Very short setup time.  Usually only 15 to 20 minutes once you understand how to put them together.  Very forgiving if you make a mistake.  Typically only 3 to 4 minutes to make adjustments.
  • No limit to the location your Director can be mounted on a vehicle.  Capture any angle from any distance within the borders of
    the vehicle.  Whether it’s the top, side, inside or outside, the Director does it all for only $699.
  • At only $699, the Director is only 1/3 the price of our closest competitor.  That means you can buy 2 Directors for less than the price of a single car camera rig.
  • No need for camera dollies, grip trucks, trailers or extra personnel.  In fact, you can do this all by yourself.  Attach a nice Canon 5D, capture not only the subjects in the car, but also the surrounding scenery, for a digital back drop, and be done filming before lunch.
Hollywood Car Rigs
  • In many cases, there are no suction cups and the entire rig must be strapped and bolted to the vehicle.  This can require, removing the hood, trunk or other body panels from the car, then bolting/strapping just the camera rig in place.  Hours of time and an entire crew, with tools, to custom fit such a large and expensive car camera mount.
  • Hollow aluminum tubes that have very limited structural integrity and limited weight capabilities.  Are you going to trust your camera to flimsy hollow tubes?
  • Each model is designed for a specific camera position and can rarely be upgraded.  You must buy an entirely different car rig to get the results you desire.  For example, if you want a hood mount, then that’s what you get.  You can’t use that mount on the door, roof or trunk, just the hood.
  • Regardless of your experience, you must commit at least one hour, have at least a second person, with tools, to setting up these rigs.  There can be no room for mistakes or it will take another hour to get it moved and into a proper position.
  • In most cases, these must be mounted over the wheels on the hood or trunk.  This will limit your camera position and the cars you can use when filming.  Many times they have no versatility for mounting on the side of the vehicle.  This is an entirely different camera rig and just another expense for you.  In almost all cases, an outside car camera rig cannot be used on the inside of a car.
  • All typical Hollywood camera rigs have a cost of over $2,000 dollars.  Many are well over $5,000 dollars.  Grip trucks and trailers will cost you 10 times the price of a single Sticky Pod Director.
  • In all cases, not only will you pay more for these car rigs, but you will need more personnel and vehicles to make them work properly.  I hope you have an enormous budget, because you’re going to need it.  This is why all these Hollywood films come in over budget and take an extra year to complete.

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