Do you find yourself a regular visitor on forums that peak your interest?  While forums have taken a backseat to social networks, for a dedicated enthusiast or professional, they’re an invaluable tool.  While some forums have come and gone, others forge ahead with a wealth of knowledge and advice from your fellow professionals.

One such example of this is Photography on the Net, and their Canon Digital Photography Forum.  As you may know, the Canon Digital Camera, such as the Canon 5D Mark III, is one of the best pieces of professional equipment money can buy.  It’s lightweight, full of features, delivers full, rich color and very high end HD video that can be used for any movie or TV production.

One of the ways Canon photographers use the Sticky Pod is in their transportation shoots.  This can be in the form of photographing cars, or using the car, any car really, to produce professional digital backdrops.  The combination of a Sticky Pod Director and a Canon 5d, are unbeatable.  You can, and will be able to do anything you want, and you can make it happen with a minimal budget.

Here at Sticky Pod, we love to engage forum members and provide advice and insight.  So please tell us your favorite forum in the comments below.

Thank you,
Tom Heibel
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