Canon 5D Mark III

When the original Canon 5D came on the scene, there was an explosion of excitement for both photographers and videographers everywhere.  I can only imagine that the people at Sony, and others, were not happy with Canon producing such a powerhouse camera, that is affordable to anyone.  The Canon 5D produces high-def video that is so rich and deep, top directors in Hollywood jumped at the chance to use them.  When Ron Howard switches out his Panavision, lease only, cameras for a handful of Canon 5Ds and gets the same results!  That sends a shockwave through the industry that many didn’t see coming so quickly.

Ten years ago, when I invented the Sticky Pod, I couldn’t wait for cameras to become more powerful, in a smaller, lighter body.  This advancement in technology has truly brought the Sticky Pod car camera mount into it’s own.  The Sticky Pod Director is now used to produce not only first person POV shots from any moving vehicle, but also the digital backdrops that enable television shows like CSI and 24 to showcase more as an epic movie.  Several Canon 5Ds are mounted directly to the Sticky Pod Director hub and literally any car, truck, boat, van and more can be used to capture 360 degree digital backdrops for your studio.  The best part, you get all this with no expensive lease agreements that tie you down to very specific requirements, and you own everything.


As you may know, Ron Howard is looking for your input in the Imaginat10n project.  Now imagine taking your Canon 5D into a truly 3 dimensional world by mounting it to a Sticky Pod Director.  The Sticky Pod Director not only secures your camera to any vehicle, it boosts your performance capabilities when your focus turns to hand-held action shots.  Do you know what a Manfrotto Fig Rig is?  Because you have everything in a Sticky Pod Director to make your own Fig Rig.  Did you know you can make a camera stabilizer?  Because any Sticky Pod Director can be configured for hand-held steady camera work.

On and off your car, you can maximize your Canon 5D’s possibilities.  Whether you’re on land, sea or air, the Director and the Canon 5D have your back.