Nikon D4 DSLR

To say the least, Nikon DSLR’s started all the high-def DSLR video revolution, and they aim to compete.  Personally, I love watching both Canon and Nikon duke it out like a couple of prize fighters.  The competition makes the whole game very interesting.  This year at CES 2013, Nikon did not disappoint.  They have four new models lined up and they are all impressive!  Back just 10 years ago, when I sold my first Sticky Pod, I couldn’t have imagined what we can do with a small hand held camera.  Fast forward to today, and the features and capabilities are mind blowing.  High Def video that is so stunning, you basically hit rewind and watch it again, and you don’t even know you’re doing it!

The new Nikon D4 is just out of this world.  In my last article, we discussed the Canon 5D Mark III, so in keeping with simple camera models, it’s only fitting that we highlight the D4 by Nikon.  The Nikon D4 is a powerhouse that any professional would use to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Nikon originally started the high-def video resolution just a few years ago, and the D4 is literally a production studio in your hands.  Don’t be fooled by the 16.2MP sensor.  That’s 16.2MPs of pure FX (full format) sensor.  This is not a compressed image squeezed onto a smaller, inferior sensor.  This is a full frame image, for both still and video, that begs the question, “Why would I use an ARRI?”  I’m not saying this to put the ARRI Alexa down, because frankly, it’s not possible to put the image quality of the ARRI Alexa down.  I’m saying this because that’s how impressive the Nikon D4 has become.  I think the best part of it is the “user friendliness”.  Nikon has made significant improvements over the last few years to improve the capabilities of their cameras for both the professional photographer and the videographer.  Adding ports, custom menus and remote features that make these cameras far more friendly to a small production house, the Nikon D4 makes one-man operations, downright easy.

Now imagine the Sticky Pod Director and a Nikon D4 coupled together.  Just how easy can it get to be the “go-to” guy for literally all video possibilities.

In the video above, you will see the venerable B&H Photo review the D4 in a fast, clear and concise manner.  B&H Photo is my personal favorite for my camera gear.  They were my reseller for many years and they sold nearly $1 Million in Sticky Pods over the last 10 years.  That’s impressive and they treat their customer’s very well.

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