Sticky Pod Car Camera Mounts

Whether you want a dash cam, a strong suction mount or the most powerful, performance guaranteed, suction cup on the market, you will find the products that exceed your expectations here.  In the examples on the pages below you will see many configurations that represent the basics for these powerful car camera mounts.  Please keep in mind that the Sticky Pod offers thousands of possibilities and it’s just not possible to display them all here on these pages.  Getting the results you’re after are very easy to achieve and when your video shoot changes, the Sticky Pod will follow right along with you.  Please check out all these examples and if you have any questions, please ask.

  • Dashboard Camera Mounts – use any camera for your custom dash cam configuration.
  • Car Camera Mounts – when the requirement for your video shoot requires far more than just a “sport video” camera, Sticky Pods enhance your abilities, not hinder them.  Use them as a dash cam, door, roof, hood, trunk, glass, driver, passenger or windshield mounts.
  • Boat Camera Mounts – whether it’s a kayak in rough seas, or a $30 million dollar yacht for a promotional sales video, Sticky Pod suction cups will never harm your boat (fiberglass or carbon fiber), and they will hold for several weeks.
  • Truck Camera Mounts – generally speaking, trucks represent heavy loads and construction, and the Sticky Pod is the only mount that can handle this extreme environment.  Whether it’s a Caterpillar diesel engine in a Peter Built, or the extremes of a mighty John Deere tractor, the Sticky Pod car camera mounts are built for more than just cars.

The above Examples compliment our How To’s and quickly show you how to setup the Sticky Pod for your particular needs.  More than just car camera mounts, the Sticky Pod is designed to be used across any vehicle platform.  Whether your vehicle is a kayak or a top fuel Indy race car, the Sticky Pod holds your camera to all of them.  Car camera mounts is simply a generic term we use to represent vehicle’s in motion.

The most popular setup we have is our dash cam.  In recent years, camera technology has developed into a perpetual surveillance system.  Even a $100 dollar camera, with the proper memory card, can take video for over 7 hours.  Now the average citizen, and professionals, can video their entire drive for an entire day and capture all driving at all times.  In the past, only expensive proprietary systems could video tape all your driving, now it’s an affordable and easy solution.  For example, if you want a dash cam only setup for your car, then all you need is a simple digital video camera and a Sticky Pod Mini.  Now that’s less than $150 dollars for a dash cam that captures every minute of your drive and all you do is turn it on.  These are huge with police, fire, and EMS personnel.  Nothing proprietary about it and you can outfit your entire force for a fraction of the cost of just one proprietary video system.

The Sticky Pod’s are built for both professionals and enthusiasts alike.  Our Sticky Pod Director is the highest rated and most sought after professional mount that we can say, “nearly every car commercial you see on TV is produced with a Sticky Pod”.  Whether you’re shooting a 360 panorama background for in-studio green screen work or live action from a hostess tray or hood mount, the Sticky Pod Director is the professional’s choice.

More and more examples are being added to this site and of course, we always welcome your questions.  Please call or email and let us know what we can do for you.

Thank you!
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