Car Camera Mount

The perfect car camera mount for your car

The Sticky Pod is the premier car camera mount
¬†for your digital videos or film cameras. Whether you need your camera on your car or as an in car camera mount, the Sticky Pod delivers the shots you want from any vehicle. Unlike a tripod, the Sticky Pod delivers stunning, stable video or film in a quick, safe and dependable mounting system. Whether it’s on your window, door, hood, trunk, fiberglass or plastic body moldings, the Sticky Pod will stick to all of it. Got a curved surface? No problem, the Sticky Pod works great on all curved surfaces. We have thoroughly tested the Sticky Pod to significantly greater extremes than our competition and the Sticky Pod is the clear champion.

Here are a few ideas for using your Sticky Pod car camera mount:

  • Car camera mount for car commercials – almost every car commercial on TV today is produced with a Sticky Pod Director and it’s components.
  • Car camera mount for video productions – there’s no faster or more efficient way to produce professional videos.
  • Car camera mount for movies – Hollywood and New York buy more Sticky Pod Director’s than any other places on the planet.
  • Car camera mount for just the right point of view (POV) shot – setup a Sticky Pod as a hostess tray and video the driver from the outside of your car looking in, or any other passenger.
  • Car camera mount for racing – whether you drive Autocross, SCCA, a top fuel funny car dragster, a NASCAR or sling mud at the dirt track, the Sticky Pod holds on tight while you drive. Proven to speeds up to 175MPH! In fact, we don’t know the speed limit of the Sticky Pod.
  • Car camera mount for surveillance – as an insurance investigator you can stick it on your window and let the Sticky Pod hold your camera for hours and hours, get great video from long distances.
  • Car camera mount for tailing suspects – follow vehicles and suspects and document their every move, mount to your dash, rear window, side window or anywhere outside your car.
  • Car camera mount for your home – you don’t need a car to place it on a home window, tuck it away in a corner, use it as a nanny cam, see who’s stealing your newspaper, monitor your doors when on vacation.
  • Car camera mount for your dash – used as a dashboard camera mount by police all over the world to help fight crime.
  • Car camera mount for your RV, motorhome or trailer – see behind you as you back up, get family vacation videos, document an accident.
  • Car camera mount for neighbors – setup your camera in your car window to watch your neighbors.
  • Car camera mount for road rage – mount a camera on your trunk and point backwards, this is a blast just to try and see how people react behind you, you will have the road all to yourself.
  • Car camera mount for private investigators – quality surveillance will win in court every time, catch that cheating husband or wife red handed, document the movements of your suspects, expose insurance fraud with your Sticky Pod while you interact with the perpetrator.
  • Car camera mount for any part of your car – did you know the Sticky Pod can be used on your car door, window, hood, trunk, fender, sunroof, fiberglass, plastic or any other smooth, non-porous surface.
  • Car camera mount for hard to reach areas – unlike the Gripper, Chase Cam, Manfrotto or other vacuum suction cups, the Sticky Pod is small and will stick to most curved surfaces. Using multiple suction cups makes the Sticky Pod system safe and durable.

Since you use your existing camera, you’ll get crystal clear videos and pictures that you can share for a lifetime. Unlike those cheap sport video cameras, wireless cameras, or other low quality cameras which have a terrible picture, the Sticky Pod car camera mount produces crystal clear photographs and videos using your existing camera. Just clean, stick it on and you’re done. Just crystal clear videos and pictures from the camera you already own.

Did you know that:
Most video cameras can make time lapse videos that last for several days.
You can hide your camera in your car or your house.
You can setup your car camera mount on your dash in the front or back.
You do not need to stick your car camera mount in place, just set it down inside your car.
Our car camera mount can be used with any consumer or professional camera.

Here are some Sticky Pod car camera mount facts:
Suction Force:
200 pounds! (that’s how much force it takes to pull the Original or ProPak model straight off)
To Release: Just roll up the edge of the suction cup with your finger to release the vacuum pressure.
Dimensions: Rectangle – 11-1/2 X 9-1/2 inches, triangle – 8-1/2 X 9-1/2 (locked down in place)
Extensions: solid black anodized CNC machined aluminum rods (not hollow tubes)
Construction: All metal, no plastic at all.
Weather Climate: sub-zero to 105 degrees F (it doesn’t get any hotter here in Denver)
Duration: Up to 30 days when sitting still, around 4 hours in a very hostile (off road and racing) environment.
Speed Limit: At least 175 MPH! (We do not know the Sticky Pod’s speed limit!)

The versatility of the Sticky Pod is incredible, and it’s all metal construction will provide your camera with a safe and secure platform. Buy your Sticky Pod today, and start making stellar videos tomorrow.

Anyone can buy a camera… it’s what you do with it that counts!