Dash Cam Camera Mounts

Sticky Pod Dash Cam

Dash cams are vital throughout many professions or just as a daily driver.  The most important attribute your dash cam should have is stability. Most dashboard camera mounts are designed to be screwed or bolted to the dash, of course, this can be costly and it will damage your dashboard, but the Sticky Pod Dash Cam and Mini will mount your existing camera to your dash in less than a minute and provide you with rock solid video. Because you will be able to brace your camera on 2 sides, the dash and the windshield, your camera will be able to capture crystal clear video all year long.  Please scroll down the page to see the examples below and note the multi-camera setup.

Unlike other dashboard camera mounts, the Sticky Pod can stay in place using it’s suction cups for months, but remember, should you want to bolt your camera to your dash, you have everything you need to do so. Using only the Sticky Pod components, you can simply run any 1/4-20 (also called coarse thread) bolt through your dash and screw your Sticky Pod Extension or Knuckle onto your dash. It really is that simple.

Sticky Pod Dash Cam inside a Porsche GT3, the suction cups do not stick to the dash, they simply act as feet.The Sticky Pod Dash Cam model can be used anywhere inside or outside of your vehicle.  After years of experience, the Dash Cam has no known speed limit on the outside of cars.  Driven to over 135MPH on a car, and an airplane, this little powerhouse really has the power to perform.  In-car camera shots are easy and there’s no limit to where you can mount it.  One of my personal favorites is my sunroof.  Hanging upside down with a camera looking out the front windshield, I can video tape a long trip or just my daily commute.

Sticky Pod Mini dashboard car camera mount can rest on your dash or hold your camera high on the windshieldThe Sticky Pod Mini is an interior only dashboard camera mount and it performs very well with small consumer cameras.  All modern consumer cameras are light enough to be used on the Mini and most of them can capture several hours of video on one battery charge.  Using an optional power cord to plug in your camera, you can video tape your entire drive.  One of my favorite places to mount this camera is under the rear window.  This way you can video both the front driver and passenger, while maintaining a clear view of everything going on in front of your car.  The little Kodak Zi10 camera you see in the image on the right, has over 8 hours of continuous recording capacity and I bought this camera in mid-2011.  You can expect this setup to stay in place for at least 1 year without having to re-seal the suction cups.  Please be sure your suction cups are clean according to our instructions.

Sticky Pod dashboard camera mounts are easy to setup and once in place, they function as a part of your car.  They take almost no maintenance and the configurations are easy to understand.  As you see in the top left image, the Sticky Pod Dash Cam mounted inside a Porsche GT3 does not stick to the dash.  Unless your dashboard is made of a smooth non-porous surface, your suction cups just rest on the dash.  Many customers often times just set their dash cam on the dash and the suction cups simply keep it from sliding around.  The number one customer for the Sticky Pod dash cam configurations are your local law enforcement.  This provides them a very “open-source” way of having an in-car dashboard camera without all the costly setup and downtime.  The police are quickly realizing that having a dashboard camera in operation only when the officer turns on the emergency lights, is really just a lost opportunity.  Why?  Because when an accident unfolds in front of them, it’s too late to turn on emergency lights.  The accident has already occurred and now the officer has nothing to backup their story.

The perils that police encounter are the same perils that we encounter.  We see drunks on the road, we get cut-off, we see erratic lane changes, no turn signals and devastating crashes.  All these scenarios play out when you least expect them and you need a camera running at all times to capture them.  As people are discovering more and more each day, there are criminals willing to do anything to scam you out of your hard earned money.  Take the drivers that stop on busy rush hour freeways and then they back into you!  After your front bumper has been hit, the fraudulent driver demands you pay for damages and without video, you’re out of luck.  It looks as though you rear ended him and that means higher insurance premiums and possibly a citation for reckless driving.

The Sticky Pods offer you a very open solution that enables hundreds of possibilities to make your driving safer and more enjoyable.  Whether you’re a professional, using multiple cameras to capture the latest TV show, or a Mom with a van full of kids, you need a highly versatile solution that will work with your existing equipment and the Sticky Pod has the solution that will work for you.  When using your Sticky Pod dash cam, please remember to never setup your camera over the passenger side airbag.  This would inhibit the airbag deployment and possibly throw your Sticky Pod dash cam into the face of a passenger.  I always set my cameras up near the driver side where I can reach the camera while I’m in the driver seat, or I place them high on the windshield, clear of any airbags.

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