Sticky Pod customers make up a dedicated and loyal following of the Sticky Pod car camera mounts and suction cups.  Many are repeat buyers and often times, for more than just a Sticky Pod kit.  Whether you’re trying to mount your camera on your car, dashboard, kayak or John Deere tractor, we have the components to make anything you need.  Think of the Sticky Pods as an erector set for camera mounting.  While the suction cups we make are the strongest on the market, you don’t need to buy a Sticky Pod suction cup base to mount your camera, GPS, monitors, lights, microphones or test equipment.  You just need a place to mount it.  Whether you’re using our nitro drag car tested Sticky Pod suction cup bases, or just hard mounting a GPS to your kayak, we have a very simple and permanent solution.  You see, that’s why we have so many customers and that’s why they keep coming back.  Once you buy a Sticky Pod, about the only way you’ll replace it is because you lost the first one.  Sticky Pods rarely wear out, you can buy replacement parts, or simply mount your camera gear permanently using our solid metal components.  This makes the Sticky Pod a great buy, and when you receive it, you’ll discover that it’s nearly bullet proof.  Please visit any of our product pages for more details.

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