As an inventor and entrepreneur, I have been gifted with an ability to see the products I create with a three dimensional clarity that’s akin to a high performance computer displaying a CAD drawing.  For decades I thought this ability was a ubiquitous trait for many, if not most, in the world, but after many years of working with the general public, research labs and engineers, I came to realize this is a gift that very few possess.

You can see the results of my creativity in the Sticky Pod suction cup.  It’s the single most powerful suction cup on the planet and I created it entirely in my mind, transferred it to paper (my computer) and then created the suction cups that literally thousands use every day.

As an inventor, I haven’t stopped with just a suction cup.  I have around 30 products that I’m working on and more on the way.  As quickly as I can draw them up in Google Sketchup, I am prototyping and patenting my designs.  Please look for them soon.

My business practices and ethics are guided by my faith, and the Catholic faith does not allow for bad business dealings.  It’s my desire to make everything right for you, as best I can, and I hope for the same in return.

God Bless!
Tom Heibel
Sticky Pod