Tom Heibel

Tom Heibel

So you Googled my name.  Do you like the way I brought you here?  Did you find this creative or clever?  Just imagine what I can do for you.  Today’s salesman has to be far more clever than ever before.  No more can we just pick up the phone and dial customers.  We must be able to bring people to us, just like I brought you here.

As the owner, designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of Sticky Pod car camera mounts, I’ve learned more about sales than I could have working for any other company.  To say the least, my sales skills are at their peak, and my doubts are gone.  How far do you want your company to go?  Do you understand how to operate in the new world of business?  If you don’t, you’ll be gone soon.  I don’t mean your job will be gone, I mean your company will be gone.

Just like I brought you here to this web page, I can deliver customers to your door.  Sales is not a skill that’s taught in any college, and the pace at which the sales arena is changing will bring many companies to their knees.  The new world of business means the complete removal of the dinosaur tactics within your company, and a person with the right skills must make this happen for you.  It’s not going to just happen on it’s own, as a business owner, you must make it happen.

Sales is about the people you hire.  They either have what it takes in this new world, or they don’t.  Making the wrong choice will be a devastating disaster, and making the right choice will utterly destroy your competition.  As you review my resume below, please keep in mind that while you see various products I’ve sold, I’ve always made great money because, first and foremost, I’m a great salesman.

The only thing you need, as a company, is a viable product.  You can’t sell products that have come to the end of their life cycle, and you can’t sell products with old and outdated sales tactics.  Thank you for taking the time to review my resume, and please be sure to schedule me in for an interview.


I received my pilot’s license at 18, joined the Marine Corps (OCS) during college, built a successful clientele network of car buyers, ran a small mortgage brokerage, broke every company sales record selling high performance super computers, and single handedly developed three products, patents included (see below), that earned me over $1 million in personal income in just over seven years.

My ideal company would be a small business that has explosive potential, but needs to execute a solid sales action plan.  Please keep in mind that you will never pay me out of your own pocket.  I will earn my pay from the huge revenues I’ll bring into your company, and you’ll compensate me with a small fraction of these revenues and pocket the rest for yourself.

What are your business pains? What problems are keeping you up at night? I can solve them, and have the experience to make it happen for you today.

Tom Heibel
Bristol, TN
Phone: 423-342-6300

Please view and print my resume by visiting:


  • High End Sales
  • Private Pilot
  • USMC Officer
  • B2B
  • B2C
  • B2B Marketing
  • B2C Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Process
  • Sales
  • State & Local Government Sales
  • Product Development
  • Product Marketing
  • Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office
  • Open Office
  • Data Mining
  • SketchUp
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D visualization
  • 3D rendering
  • 3D graphics
  • WordPress
  • HTML
  • HTML emails
  • PHP4/5
  • JavaScript
  • Corel Draw
  • Apple OS
  • Web Commerce
  • Patents
  • Government Contracting
  • Government Proposals
  • General Aviation
  • 3D CAD – Sketchup 2014
  • Non-profit Volunteer
  • Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Automotive Sales
  • Automotive F & I Manager
  • Automobile Sales
  • Automotive Service
  • Automobile Service
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Jet Lathe


Sticky Pod
05 / 2003 – Present
Car Camera Mount Systems

Designer, inventor, owner and operator of the patented Sticky Pod car camera mounts. Sticky Pods were created in late 2002 as part of a project to produce video from a car traveling at a high rate of speed. In those days, cameras were large, heavy, and traditionally bolted to a vehicle for any action shots. The Sticky Pod was designed from the ground up, suction cups included, to quickly mount any large, professional camera to any vehicle traveling at any speed.

The Sticky Pods caught on quickly because they simply solved many problems that film makers usually discover after their project has started. If you were to look closely at shows such as Mythbusters, American Chopper, Biker Build Off, Survivorman, and many more, you can catch a brief glimpse of the Sticky Pod in use. My Sticky Pod Director has been used in most every car commercial you watch, and literally has a cult following.

This experience has raised my sales skills to an elite level. Few people in the country have created, patented, marketed, manufactured and retailed their own product with more than $1 million in personal income. While this has been a great experience, as predicted, the Sticky Pod has mostly completed it’s product life cycle. I still have professionals buying my Sticky Pod Director, however, camera technology has advanced to the point where only the pros need my equipment for their high end productions.

The Home Depot
02 / 2006 – 06 / 2007
Sales Associate

Sales associate for the Home Depot. I trained and worked in all departments, including the Pro Contractor desk, building materials, hardware, plumbing, electrical, gardening, millwork, lighting, kitchen & bath, flooring, and fencing.

I worked this job part-time for multiple reasons. The first of which is the fact that I have bought and sold five homes and I always have a remodeling project. Construction, carpentry, plumbing, electrical was all taught to me by my father. He was a carpenter all his life and was always buying and selling fixer uppers. I’ve been helping my dad with demolition and reconstruction of homes since I was 10. It’s in my blood and I love it!

Aspen Systems Inc.
05 / 2000 – 12 / 2001
High Performance Parallel Computing

Selling high end parallel computing supercomputers for government research labs, weather modeling centers (NOAA, NWS), and various private industry (oil & gas, mining, security).

High end parallel supercomputers start at $100,000 for a small lab or classroom, and are only limited in scale to the size of the facility. The largest system I sold/installed during my tenure was roughly $5.2 million.  In the company’s history, Aspen Systems had never sold a system worth more than $250,000 dollars.  I took them from $250,000 to $5.2 million.

Velocity Mortgage
12 / 1996 – 03 / 2000
Mortgage Broker – Owner

Owner and operator of Velocity Mortgage. As a mortgage broker we pro-actively sought out customers through the use of high performance telephony telemarketing phone systems. Purchasing mortgage sales leads through private and government records, we called thousands of potential customers every day to purchase, or refinance their home. Overseeing up to 19 employees, we had great success in, and around the Denver, CO real estate market.

Rocky Mountain Mortgage
12 / 1995 – 12 / 1996
Mortgage Loan Originator

Originated residential mortgage loans for both government (FHA & VA), and conventional home loans.

Emich Volkswagen
02 / 1994 – 12 / 1995
Car Salesman

Selling both new and used cars for the Emich family of dealerships. Sold multiple vehicle lines across multiple store locations. Monthly sales always ranked in the top three for the sales force.

Main Motor of Anoka
08 / 1992 – 02 / 1994
Car Salesman

Car salesman for both new and used GM products. This is a great family run business that’s very close to their employees and helped me develop my sales skills beyond anything I thought possible. I’m forever grateful for their kindness and patience.

United States Marine Corps
06 / 1986 – 08 / 1990
Officer Candidate

Completed Officer Candidate School training for the United States Marine Corps. 2nd Lieutenant, USMC Reserves


The University of North Dakota
1984 – 1990
Bachelor of Arts (BA) , Airport Planning and Management


I have a great life and very positive attitude.  I’m always looking for a challenge that’s worthy of my time.  My ultimate career goal is to take a small company, and make it a dominant industry player.  To me, that’s a great success story, and a very rewarding life.


Private Pilot License
03 / 1985
Federal Aviation Administration – FAA


Method and Apparatus for Disabling a Pursued Vehicle
Issued , 04 / 2004
Inventor: Tom Heibel

Method and Apparatus for Disabling a Pursued Vehicle – this device is the first of three patents for products I’ve created. It’s a device designed to target and flatten the tires of any vehicle authorities may be pursuing, with no risk to the vehicle occupants or surrounding community. Patent #: 6,715,395

Camera Mount
Issued , 11 / 2008
Inventor:  Tom Heibel

This is the original patent for the venerable Sticky Pod car camera mount. Patent #: 7,448,812

Directing Base for Camera Mount
Issued , 02 / 2010
Inventor:  Tom Heibel

This is the Sticky Pod Director professional car camera mount patent. This is the patent for the most widely used professional car camera mount in the United States. Patent #: 7,661,891


The Sales Commandments
01 / 2014
Tom Heibel · Authors: Tom Heibel ·

Just like a good Christian, all good salesman follow their commandments … or do they? If you ask any faithful Christian, “What are the ten commandments?” They’ll rattle them off without missing a breath. They know the correct order, and they know the purpose behind each commandment. So what about your salesman? Do they even know the four basic sales commandments?

A Fine Suit Is Tailored, Not Made
01 / 2014
Tom Heibel · Authors: Tom Heibel ·

It doesn’t matter if you’re training new employees, or educating your executive PhD’s in astrophysics. Everyone must understand the sales process, and when they don’t, then your boss will likely find someone that does. When the boss doesn’t understand the sales process, then the company fails.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It
01 / 2014

The third step of the sales process separates the men from the boys and the women from the girls. Why? Because you will be making tough decisions that will impact your sales success. There’s no doubt that just getting to this point can be difficult, but if you don’t understand what your customer is seeking, then you’re never going to overcome their objections.

Ask For The Sale
01 / 2014
Tom Heibel · Authors: Tom Heibel ·

After everything you’ve been through, after all the hard work, after all the meetings, and driving, and emailing, and phone calls, do you really want to lose the sale because you’re to shy to ask for it? When the customer is at their most vulnerable, you need to make the commitment and ask for the sale. It’s required of you, and it must be done.